Reach 650 to 850mm Payload 15kg

  • 15 kg payload capacity

  • 650 mm, 750 mm, and 850mm reach options with floor, wall and ceiling mounting options

  • Robot Integrated Controller NJ-R for multi robot applications with EtherCAT models

  • Stand Alone Ethernet models

  • Options: IP65, Food Grade, ESD and Clean Room

  • Fast cycle time with an unprecedented range of movement and repeatability

  • Advanced and robust industrial design

  • Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Optimize your line with maximum uptime by means of interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light


OMRON’s i4H SCARA Robot Series

Introducing the i4H, OMRON’s newest SCARA robot Achieve more by seamlessly integrating the robust i4H into your production line today. Unique features enable OMRON’s latest SCARA line to meet today’s demands of mass customization. It also allows manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at low volume which provide a wider array of goods to people. Key features −15 kg payload capacity. − 650, 750, 850mm reach options − Standard & Long Quill lengths


  • Heavier payload

    The i4H comes in at a hefty payload capacity of 15 kg, which is an ideal solution for industries such as food & beverage, consumer, and auto. The i4H is great for palletizing, pick &place, and machine loading/unloading applications.

  • Maximize Uptime

    With the new i4H SCARA Robots we have added a few first ever features that will help reduce downtime, prevent accidents, and make maintenance an easier process.

    • First ever on-board display for troubleshooting, maintenance and visual inspections
    • World’s first robot health lighting indicator
  • RGB dome light for better diagnoses

    The i4H robot diagnoses problems faster with its unique and highly visible multi-colored LED light dome which provides predictive maintenance and convenient indication of the robot status.

    • Off
    • Solid White
    • Solid Blue
    • Blinking Blue
    • Blinking Green
    • Solid Red
    • Blinking Red

Automate your production line with i4H robots

Seamless integration. Getting started with the i4H has never been easier

Easily program the i4H robot alongside the rest of OMRON’s devices (vision, motion, IO, safety) with our single programming software, Sysmac. Additionally, Sysmac software is able to simulate your entire production line which reduces troubleshooting time and allows you to achieve very high levels of synchronization between multiple robots or robots and servos, all connected through EtherCAT.

Special environments

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