Compact 3-phase 400 V Power Supply, 24 or 48VDC output.

The S8VK-WB is the most compact 3-phase power supply, designed to fit small control panels. It provides additional troubleshooting information to reduce downtime and provides greater environment resistance for a wide variety of applications.

  • Compactness, side-by-side mounting

  • Power boost up to 150%

  • Operating temperature range: -40 …+70 °C

  • LEDs and digital outputs for easy diagnostics

  • PCB board coating for better resistance to environment

  • Vibration resistant 5G

  • Guaranteed altitude up to 3,000 m

  • Push-in Plus terminals



Compact body allows easy replacement

High efficiency with full functionality. This high capacity and compact power supply requires less than half the space of existing models. Side by side mounting is possible with this world’s smallest class of three-phase power supply.*1

*1. According to OMRON investigation in November 2018.

LED and signal output indicates the status of the Power Supply

When the door of the control panel is closed, you can still check the status of the power supply via your controller using the signal that is output matching the LED. This feature clarifies the error status and maintenance location, minimizing downtime.

Frequent causes of malfunction

There may be 3 reasons for this. The input voltage may be lower than the rated input voltage. When the power supply is used beyond its end of life, or external noise causes the output to stop due to protection circuit malfunction. If overloads or short circuits occur, overload/overvoltage protection will activate, limiting current output or removing voltage output.

LED indicators visualize the status of the input voltage and output current, enabling faster checks at start-up or during operation

LED/signal output patterns and required maintenance

Function of LED/signal:

INPUT OK LED . . . . . . . . . Lights up when the input voltage exceeds the lower limit value of the permissible range.
DC OK LED/signal . . . . . . Lights up/Signal Output , when the output voltage is more than 90% of the rated output voltage.
Iout >100% LED/signal . . Lights up/Signal Output , when the output current exceeds the rated output current.

Excellent vibration resistance enables stable operation

The S8VK Series enables stable facility operation even in environments with significant vibration.

Vibration resistance enables safe transport as well as reliable operation

Robustly designed for 5G vibration resistance twice the resistance of conventional industrial power supplies. S8VK power supplies can be safely transported by ship or over rugged terrain.

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