The smartest modular I/O system

Omron’s SmartSlice I/O system is compact, intelligent and easy. When used with Omron’s CS1/CJ1 DeviceNet master units it is plug-and-work, no configuration tool is required. By using built-in functions such as pre-scaling, totalising, differentiation and alarming in analog I/O units, PLC programming can be minimised. Preventive maintenance data can be accessed using CX-Integrator software, standard PLC function blocks or NS-series Smart Active Parts.

  • Most compact in the market (84 mm high)

  • Easy set-up, backup and restore functions

  • Diagnostics and preventive maintenance data at I/O level

  • Detachable terminal blocks allow hot-swapping without re-wiring

  • 3-wire connection with ‘push-in’ technology, no screwdriver required for installation



  • Modular intelligence

    Smartslice is the most intelligent and easy-to-use remote I/O system currently available. It allows you to:

    • Minimize engineering time
    • Troubleshoot rapidly
    • Schedule maintenance to prevent breakdowns
  • Network

    Transparent communication
    Open for communication by open standards

    • PROFINET IO: Built-in Ethernet switch and MRP ring redundancy.
    • PROFIBUS DP: FDT-DTM for easy access to all intelligence in SmartSlice.
    • DeviceNet: The industrial CAN protocol. Efficient and Robust.
    • CompoNet: Plug-and-work. No setup required.
    • MECHATROLINK-II: For integration in motion control systems.
    • EtherCAT: For Trajexia and Sysmac controllers.
  • Hot swap

    No need to stop

    Reliable 3-piece construction enabling you to swap modules during operation, without rewiring. All I/O unit data can be backed up in the bus interface unit at the flick of a switch. Recovery is even simpler; after hot-swapping a unit, all settings are automatically loaded.

  • Tool-less

    No tools required

    Easy push in wiring for quick installation. The SmartSlice terminal blocks provide fast and reliable screwless clamp connections.

  • Smart features

    All Omron I/O units have built-in Smart Features that help to:

    • Reduce engineering time
    • Plan preventative maintainance
    • Increase your productivity

    Take a look at one of the features below for a demonstration.

  • Calendar

    Smart I/O can store the last date on which you performed maintenance. A better overview will help you plan maintenance more efficiently.

  • Counter

    Smart I/O units all keep track of duration and number of operations, to help you plan machine maintenance. Timely warnings to inspect and adjust the machine will minimise unplanned downtime.

  • Volt meter

    Smart I/O monitors its own supply voltage, and will warn you if the voltage is out of safe range – e.g. due to damaged cable or poor connection.

  • Stopwatch

    Smart I/O can measure delays between two I/O signals with millisecond accuracy. When your preset limit is exceeded, Smart I/O will warn you that wear or lack of lubrication has reduced machine performance.

  • Calculator

    Smart Analog I/O performs data pre-processing to help you reduce PLC programming. Scaling and alarms, and even totalising or rate-of-change calculations are handled inside the unit.

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