CXONE-LT (Lite version for Compact PLCs)

The Ideal Software Package for Compact PLCs

CX-One Lite is a subset of the complete CX-One package that provides only the Support Software required for micro PLC applications.

The Micro PLC Edition CX-Programmer (the ideal PLC programming software for small-scale systems), ensures simplified setting operations, along with Support Software to set NS/NV-series PTs, Temperature Controllers, Inverters and Servo Drives.

The following Support Software can be installed from CX-One.

  • Micro PLC Edition CX-Programmer*

  • CX-Integrator

  • Switch Box Utility

  • CX-Simulator

  • CX-Drive

  • CX-Designer

  • NV-Designer

  • CX-Thermo

  • Network Configurator

  • NX-IO Configurator

  • CX-Server

*Applicable models: CP1, CP2, CPM, SRM1

*The CX-One and CX-One Lite cannot be simultaneously installed on the same computer.



  • Structures & Arrays

    Create advanced programs using data blocks of identical data types (Arrays), or different data types (Structures). Member symbols of the new User Defined Type can be simply accessed from the program. Symbol creation becomes quicker as memory allocation and management is automatic, and you can easily monitor all member symbols in the Watch Window just by using their name. Using Structures and Arrays as In / Out variables for a Function Block, provides simple passing of many parameters in a uniform layout. This uniformity and clear data hierarchy can help program readability during development and maintenance. For the most complex program data, even nested structures, arrays of structures and structures with array elements are supported.

  • Timers & Counters

    Special data types for TIMER (count-down) and COUNTER (count-up) symbols greatly simplify the use of timers/counters in ladder programs as rungs, to reset and check them you can simply access them by using their name. When used with the Auto Allocation feature, you can define a symbol of type TIMER or COUNTER and never have to worry about where it is stored. That means zero maintenance to resolve addresses when a program grows or rungs are copied to a new project. Arrays of timers and counters are also supported.

  • Smart input

    A new smarter way to input programs with less key presses, resulting in quicker programming. Intuitive windows, symbol browsing and tool tip help mean less mistakes and typos need to be fixed during commissioning. When typing instructions or symbol names a ‘predictive-text’ style browser shows you possible matches which can be easily clicked or selected. Symbol addresses for the next Input and Output are auto incremented to speed up new program creation, and a special Copy/Paste function allows quick duplication with sequential addresses. No need for any manual drawing of rung connections as this is filled in automatically – even for more complex operations like parallel contacts (OR) or Function Block invocations. This all makes programming smarter, quicker and more intuitive.

  • Position Control Verification

    Early verification of Position Control function can display graphs of positions or speeds against time, verifying the action prior to transferring. Movements for up to 4 axis per task can be verified: for all axisone/two axis interpolationpulse output instructions.


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