Analogue / Temperature I/O Units

From basic Analogue I/O to
advanced temperature control

CJ1 offers a wide choice of analogue input units, fit for any application, from low-speed, multi-channel temperature measurement to high-speed, high-accuracy data acquisition. Analogue outputs can be used for accurate control or external indication.

  • Reduced wiring cost and improved communication performances those values are available thanks to built-in 2-ports Ethernet Switch and dedicated Function Blocks. You can save cost of additional hardware and simplify Ethernet connectivity with a daisy chain Ethernet wiring for Machine 2 Machine communication.

  • Data collection, Control and Monitoring of serial devices is easy: up to 3 serial ports are available.

  • Improve design efficiency and productivity reducing development time with a modular conception of the machine. CP2E includes 4-axis positioning functions with linear interpolation and Omron Libraries for positioning, Machine 2 Machine communication and predictive maintenance.

  • Install and forget. Omron CP2E can supply a reliable solution for all environmental conditions: extended operational temperature range, Battery free operation, Input/output terminal LED indicators for quick troubleshooting, Automatic Recovery by electric interferences.

  • Complete your configuration with NB HMI for a perfect match.


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