NA series

NA Series -The Sysmac HMI

As part of the Sysmac automation platform, Omron NA HMI transforms machine data into information, shows information and controls devices based on requirements at FA manufacturing sites. The NA Series enables faster, more efficient control and monitoring. With a widescreen displaying 16,770,000 colors, the HMI that is dynamic, intuitive and predictive makes industrial machines more attractive and competitive.

  • Proactive operator/ machine relationship

  • Design based on real applications and customer requirements

  • Future-proof, scalable platform

  • Allows quick reaction

  • 16,777,000 display colors (24 bit full colors)

  • High resolution display

  • 1,280×800 resolution for 12-inch and 15-inch models

  • 800×480 resolution for 7-inch and 9-inch models



  • Integrating your world

    The NA Series can be programmed alongside the other devices in one integrated project, which speeds up development.

    • Share NJ/NX/NY Controller Variables (Tags) in the machine interface application.
    • Variables shared with controller reduce the time and complexity of programming.
    • Define/use NA data structures in the machine interface application
    • Work in a familiar way on all devices.

Be more productive

  • Timers & Counters

    Special data types for TIMER (count-down) and COUNTER (count-up) symbols greatly simplify the use of timers/counters in ladder programs as rungs, to reset and check them you can simply access them by using their name. When used with the Auto Allocation feature, you can define a symbol of type TIMER or COUNTER and never have to worry about where it is stored. That means zero maintenance to resolve addresses when a program grows or rungs are copied to a new project. Arrays of timers and counters are also supported.

  • Minimize downtime: integrated troubleshooter

    The Troubleshooter on the NA Series allows you to directly monitor and release the NJ/NX/NY Controller errors and events as well as the user-defined errors and events. There is no need for support software running on a PC.

  • Increased security

    Early verification of Position Control function can display graphs of positions or speeds against time, verifying the action prior to transferring. Movements for up to 4 axis per task can be verified: for all axisone/two axis interpolationpulse output instructions.

    • Your project can be password-protected along with other applications (Control and Safety).
    • Transferring data can be protected (disable overwrite or theft).

Remote access

  • You can view and operate the HMI installed at production sites from your tablet using Ethernet or WiFi.
  • The access of remote devices can be managed and limited. This helps prevent accidental operation and information leakage, while securing accessibility.

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