Integration of Robotics, Logic, and Motion in one CPU

Our Robotics Integrated Controller perfectly synchronizes automation technology so that customers can improve the speed and accuracy of their production, simulate entire production line, simplify maintenance, and reduce time-to-market.

    • Up to 8 robots control per CPU
    • Integration of Robotics, Logic, and Motion in one CPU
    • Conforms to IEC 61131-3 (JIS B 3503) standard programming and traditional V+ scripting for robot and motion control
    • Programming with variables allows users to create complex programs efficiently
    • Models with SQL DB Functionality
  • Data collection, Control and Monitoring of serial devices is easy: up to 3 serial ports are available.

  • Improve design efficiency and productivity reducing development time with a modular conception of the machine. CP2E includes 4-axis positioning functions with linear interpolation and Omron Libraries for positioning, Machine 2 Machine communication and predictive maintenance.

  • Install and forget. Omron CP2E can supply a reliable solution for all environmental conditions: extended operational temperature range, Battery free operation, Input/output terminal LED indicators for quick troubleshooting, Automatic Recovery by electric interferences.

  • Complete your configuration with NB HMI for a perfect match.


The Robotics Integrated Platform is the next revolutionary step in the SYSMAC ecosystem that seamlessly integrate the full ORT Fixed Robotics product line.

Total Integration (Control): Unified control automation + robotics

Process Integration (Faster Time-to-market): Applications can be developed from design through commissioning, operation, and continuous improvement

Supply Chain Integration (Flexibility): Users can easily reprogram (PLC and robots), modify, or scale production, providing flexibility to adapt to fluctuating demands The NJ-R machine controller with new Robot Integrated CPU supports up to 8 robots as well as independent motion axis control.

6 CPU’s:

  • NJ501-R300: 8 robots + 16 motion axis
  • NJ501-R400: 8 robots + 32 motion axis
  • NJ501-R500: 8 robots + 64 motion axis
  • NJ501-R320: 8 robots + 16 motion axis + SQL Functionality
  • NJ501-R420: 8 robots + 32 motion axis + SQL Functionality
  • NJ501-R520: 8 robots + 64 motion axis + SQL Functionality

Benefits for the customer

  • Faster evaluation (System Integrator & OEM)
  • Early ROI calculation and design validations thanks to simulation software
  • Changeover improvements of future products can be validated by simulation.
  • Investment cost can be calculated in advance.
  • Cycle time estimation
  • Improve Conception & Planification

Lower commissioning time (System Integrator & OEM)

  • Reduce integration time with programming off-line.
  • Xpert modules reduces integration time and learning curve.
  • Reduce mechanical and electrical design burden by emulating full cells through the Sysmac Platform.

Lower cost of ownership

  • Real time synchronization between robot and PLC (motion control and rest of ECAT devices) improve productivity.
  • Recipe manager makes modifications easy and minimize the product change over time.

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