Fleet Manager

Factory optimization with best in class fleet management

Factory managers have constant pressure to meet a variety of improvement goals for their factory. Our fleet management solution is tailored to ensure best in class fleet management and provide built-in data capture, analytics and reporting to enable factories to optimize the performance of the overall factory as well as their Omron robot fleet.


Optimize Efficiency

Combined with an intuitive, visual interface, it is easy to define jobs, map routes, monitor and adapt each robot’s status. A centralized control means you see the big picture and have the power to manage your workflow in real time for maximum efficiency.

Intelligent Job Assignment

Reduces wasted time and movement by continuously looking ahead to anticipate which robots will be best positioned for upcoming tasks.

Managed Motion

Ensures smooth operations in busy environments by coordinating traffic flows and efficiently sequencing pick-up and drop-off at target locations. at target locations.be best positioned for upcoming tasks.

Traffic Control

Notifies converging robots of their predicted paths, allowing them to re-calculate and avoid collision in the most efficient way.

Maximize Uptime

Our Fleet Manager automatically handles all coordination and decision-making to ensure your fleet is operating at peak efficiency with minimal human intervention.

Automatic Updates

Performs updates automatically across the entire fleet.

Change Management

Tracks battery power of the entire fleet, directing robots to their nearest available, or preferred, docking station on a schedule that ensures continuous fleet operation.

Increase Flexibility

Automate your material handling operation with a fleet of mobile robots.

Easy Integration with IT Systems

Fleet Manager can connect to your MES, ERP and WMS so that jobs can be propagated automatically to the fleet in real time.

Skills Administration

Understands the capabilities of each vehicle in the fleet, and always make sure that the right job is assigned to the right robot.

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