TM 16

Reach 900mm Maximum payload 16kg Maximum speed 1.1m/s

This new line of collaborative robots are safer, simpler to program, and easier to integrate with other equipment, representing a big step toward creating an intelligent manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony.


Meet our collaborative robot

For over 85 years, Omron has helped perfect the art of machines that help humans. Now, we introduce the machines specifically built to work with people – meet the Omron TM Collaborative Robot Series!


Faster set-up with built-in vision

The OMRON TM Collaborative Robot features a built-in vision system. The integrated camera localizes objects in a wide field of vision, and the image-enhancement light enables object recognition under almost any conditions.

Quick Start-up and changeover

Downtime costs money, which means you need a robot that can start fast and stay running. Our Plug and Play software enables this robot to work right out of the box.

Safety in collaborative applications

Collaborative robots are designed to work safely with human operators thanks to technologies like force feedback, low-inertia servo motors, elastic actuators and collision detection technology that limit their power and force capabilities to levels suitable for contact.


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