Vision Controllers for Faster machine operation

This line-up integrates the benefits of a Smart Camera and a powerful Vision System in a single platform. The unique image clarity achieved by using an intelligent camera enables simple setup, fast installation and enhanced optical performance.


New AI vision tools complete the already wide range of vision tools

We’re recently launched the AI fine matching and scratch detection tools, bringing industrial vision inspection technology to the next level. The new technology makes it possible to perform inspections that up until now had to be done by humans. With the ease of use in focus, the new tools take advantage of the latest technological developments without the need for expert knowledge. Also, no special hardware is required.

AI captures defects with human-like sensitivity

AI captures defects with human-like sensitivity

AI identifies good products as well as experienced inspectors

No special environment is required

Parallel processing for different inspections

Multi-Line Random-Trigger inspects at up to four different timings. A single controller can perform inspections at different points at different timings. Controllers installed for each process can be integrated into one, reducing initial costs and saving space.

Packaging process of pharmaceuticals

A single controller that can control each line saves initial costs and space. You can connect up to 4 cameras per controller.

Innovative Illumination Technology

  • MDMC Light – Flexibility and precision combined in one Illumination unit
  • The MDMC light allows you to freely change the color and direction pattern in milliseconds
  • No hardware exchange necessary during product changeovers
  • Enhance the inspection feature you are looking for – easy, quick and reliable
  • Combine hundreds of illuminators in just one unit
  • Real Color Processing (16 million colors)*

*only applicable for specific per models

Wide accepted communication protocols – now also ProfiNet

Taking advantage of the Omron’s Sysmac platform the integration of a vision system into your machine has never been easier. Whether we assist you in carrying out a single inspection, or to control a complete production line – at every step our focus lies on a clear and understandable architecture making your life easier and improving your productivity.

Sysmac Studio is a unique environment that integrates logic, motion and drives, robotics, safety, visualization, and information technologies in a single project, thus reducing the learning curve and the intra-operative software costs.


Reusable code reduces development time.


Simulation and tracing can be performed based on information obtained from the vision system.


Advanced machine control can be easily achieved.

EtherCAT® for high-speed data transfer to control various devices

You can use EtherCAT® to connect NJ/NX Machine Automation Controllers and 1S/G5 AC Servo System to increase the control speed of everyday communications protocols from position detection to starting axis motion.

  • The communication cycle is reduced to 1/32
  • The time from trigger input to producing measurement results is shortened by approximately 6ms.

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