High Resolution Handheld Code Readers

Flexible and easy to use barcode scanner for industrial and life science applications

Our V410-H high resolution handheld barcode reader family provides a powerful, compact, and easy to use solution for a broad range of applications. With our proven X-Mode scanning algorithms that provide reliable readability of even the most difficult codes, including direct part marks, the XD model delivers a solution that can be used to provide traceability throughout the industrial manufacturing environment, and can read the smallest of barcode symbols. The SR model provides outstanding read range, while the HC model is designed for use in Life Science lab and hospital environments.

All three versions are used with the WebLink PC intuitive configuration and run-time viewing utility that works with any Windows enabled device.

  • Delivers industrial robustness, decode algorithms and read range, allowing users to scan virtually any barcode at wider read ranges than most competitors.

  • Major improvement in decode algorithms, range, and robustness vs. HS series.

  • Uses our browser-based setup tool WebLink and best in class in ease of use.



  • XMODE 4.0 (XD) for next generation performance

    • Sets the bar for 2D imaging by improving decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience, user productivity, throughput and wait times.
  • Scan any bar code on any medium

    • Scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile devices or computer screens.
    • Scans 1D, 2D, DPM bar codes.
  • Megapixel sensor for maximum data capture flexibility

    • Delivers the resolution required for longer-distance scanning and clear photos.
  • Largest “sweet spot” for can’t-miss point-and-shoot scanning simplicity

    • With a decode range that allows users to scan any bar code type at any density closer and farther than any other scanners in its class, scanning is truly second nature — users just point and shoot.
    • Hands free mode provides “no touch” operation minimizing need for cleaning to meet sanitation concerns.
  • WebLink PC intuitive configuration

    • Browser based user interface
    • Scanner configuration and deployment
    • Intuitive setup
    • Ease of use
    • PC host required
    • Automated updates for firmware & software


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