User-configurable Barcode Reader

The V440-F is a high-resolution, field-configurable barcode reader that reads dozens of miniscule barcodes simultaneously for applications in which multiple barcoded products are within the field of view.

  • Enhanced WebLink 3.0 functionality, including Matrix Mode and Configuration Database

  • 5 MP global shutter sensor

  • 36 FPS image acquisition

  • Higher FPS using pixel binning and region of interest (ROI) modes

  • C-mount lens-compatible

  • External lighting-compatible (dedicated strobe output)

  • IP40-rated

  • Support for Digital I/O, RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, and PROFINET communications

  • Power of Ethernet or Direct 24V

  • Supported Barcode, 2D and Postal Symbology’s



Long Distance & Wide Area Reading Solution

The V440-F can also be configured to read at a long distance or to find multiple codes in a wide area. These configuration options make it ideally suited for reading one or many codes during product packaging or in an assembly operation where the code reader is located outside of the operator’s working area.

5 M pixel with C mount lens powerful for small code reading

Our high-resolution barcode reader with telecentric lens offers a stable imaging of the smallest codes (minimum code size 0,012 mm). This highly flexible and compact code reader can also be configured to read at a long distance or to find multiple codes in a wide area. Therefore no complex vision system is required.

Intuitive easy multi-code reading setting

The intuitive and proven WebLink user interface provides easy out-of-box configuration and application tuning, while the advanced decoding algorithms help ensure robust reading performance regardless of surface type (including transparent and reflective surfaces).

Matrix mode & output sorting

The new matrix mode has the benefit of giving the V440 the ability of reading up to 400 codes in one Field of View, it allows each code a limited region of interest meaning the overall read time is reduced by a factor of 2-3 times compared to a full screen read.

A new simple UI allows the user to set a global sorting order for all the codes on the screen ensuring all the codes are output in a specific order with 8 preset configurations.

Supported Barcode, 2D and Postal Symbology’s

  • Barcode Symbology’s: PDF417, Micro PDF417, GS1 Databar (Composite and Stacked), Code 39, Code 128, BC412, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN, Codabar, Code 93, Pharmacode
  • 2D Symbology’s: QR Code, Data Matrix (ECC200), Micro QR Code, Aztec Code, Dotcode
  • Postal Symbology’s: PLANET, POSTNET, Japanese Postal, Australia Post, Royal Mail, Intelligent Mail, KIX

New MicroHAWK V/F400 and V/F300 Series Smart Cameras

Omron Industrial Automation recently launched the new V/F400 and V/F300 Series Smart Cameras, the latest additions to its popular MicroHAWK line. A new solution available for manufacturers who are concerned that their product inspections are becoming too complex. The powerful yet compact MicroHAWK V/F400 and V/F300 Series Smart Cameras simplify applications by combining code reading and vision inspection into a single, highly compact device. By bundling multiple capabilities in one, the V/F400 and V/F300 Series lower hardware costs and minimize the work required for commissioning and maintenance.


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