The Integrated Global Solution

System integration on EtherCAT® leads you to the stage where machine design is more flexible and higher efficiency, saving space, and integrated configuration by software tool.

  • IM and PM motor control in OLV & CLV (200% torque at 0Hz)

  • Torque control for IM in OLV/CLV, PM in CLV

  • Speed, Position and Gear function

  • Flexible EtherCAT configuration: Standard and Ring topology

  • Built-in 1 encoder / pulse counter input

  • Safe Stop 0 (STO SIL3 PLe) wired and FSoE

  • Energy-saving dedicated functionality

  • Built-in EtherCAT

  • PC configuration tool: Sysmac Studio IDE

  • Coated PCB for dust and moisture resistance

  • 10 years 24/7 Maintenance Free operation

  • CE, UKCA, cULus, KC, RCM and RoHS



Optimization of machine design

Built-in EtherCAT allows you to integrate the M1 Series into any EtherCAT network.

It saves total engineering cost.

Flexible connection

The EtherCAT topology allows variable machine design, and the ring topology contributes to robust manufacturing.

Choices of motors

The M1 Series expands the choices of motors that can be used for the drive system. Standard induction motors, permanent magnet motors, direct drive PM motors (up to 128 poles), and special motors such as drum motors are supported.

Motor parameters can be adjusted by autotuning function in Sysmac Studio.

Efficiency of assembly and configuration

Enhanced usability

One software for programming, configuration, simulation and monitoring. User friendly and helpful GUI for drive configuration by Sysmac Studio Drive Edition.

  • Integrated configuration
  • Setup & Tuning
  • Wizards
  • Data Trace Monitor
  • Test Run
  • Auto Tuning

Reduce wiring, improve efficiency

Easy wiring by EtherCAT leads to quick installation and less mistakes.
Also small footprint reduces the panel size.

Safe and reliable manufacturing

Safe working environment

Safety always comes first. Omron’s scalable safety solutions allow you to design machine safety according to customer needs. The M1 Series expands the flexibility of your safety solution

Reliable production

Modern production lines should be safe and reliable at the same time. Omron’s integrated safety solution realizes a safe working environment for workers and high operational availability of each machine.

Motion and Drives

The M1 Series expands the possibility to support a variety of machine types which require high level safety.

  • STO (ISO 13849-1 Cat.3/PLe)
  • FSoE
  • Safety input (2CH) + EDM output


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