Save energy and maximize
performance with versatile inverter

This high performance inverter offers the same usability as the previous model and delivers improved usability: more efficient, easier, and faster.

  • High starting torque in open loop: 200% at 0.3 Hz, Full torque at 0 Hz in closed loop

  • Sensor-less and vector closed-loop control

  • Triple rating: VLD 110%/1min, LD 120%/1 min and ND 150%/1 min

  • Built-in EMC filter, logic programming and application functionality

  • Positioning functionality

  • Embedded STO safety function, SIL3/PLe/CAT 4

  • Communication options: EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus TCP

  • Regenerative solutions as option

  • Ratings: 200 V class three-phase 0.4 to 55 kW / 400 V three-phase 0.75 to 132 kW



  • Application customized

    The RX2 Inverter can perform simple sequence control programmed for using support software CX-Drive. Crane control, tension control and other large-scale processes that require fast control speeds can be configured without a PLC, optimizing costs.

  • PM Motor Control

    The RX2 Series can control permanent magnet motors (PM motors) as well as induction motors. Autotuning maximizes PM motor performance and helps saving energy.

  • Safety embedded

    The RX2 Series features Safe Torque Off (STO) as a standard, to meet your machine safety needs.

    Certified standards: IEC 61800-5-2:2016 STO SIL3 ISO 13849-1:2015 Cat.4 PLe

  • EtherCAT®

    The EtherCAT option is available. Connect the RX2 Inverters with the NX/NJ Machine Automation Controller to improve development and production productivity. Both configurations are possible, Standard and Ring topology.


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