Motor Condition Monitoring – Comprehensive current diagnosis type

K6CM-CI2M is a reliable partner allowing you to plan in advance your maintenance interventions on-Three-Phase-Motors, avoiding costly downtime and lost production.

K6CM-CI2M controller monitors current waveform and spectrum as very effective indicators of the entire motor’s driveline health status, suggesting maintenance whenever any deviation from normal behaviour is detected, before serious issues occur.

Current-based condition monitoring allows to:

  • Install the controller and the current clamp in the panel, without the need to wire sensors on the motor. K6CM-CI2M is the best solution for motors and pumps that are either submerged or located in clean rooms, HVAC systems, in existing machines or inaccessible locations

  • Have a comprehensive monitoring of the whole driveline’s status. Anomalies, such as pump cavitation, load unbalance, misaligned belts, rotor and stator issues in fact, are proven to cause anomalies in the absorbed current’s waveform and can be easily detected with this method, even before changes in vibrations can be detected

  • Setup the system in few minutes through user-friendly software, as the parameters setting is very simple and the analysis algorithm is embedded into the controller

The device can either be used as stand-alone, or integrated in a wider solution, enabling functions such as:

  • notifications in case of warning/alarm

  • remote monitoring

  • interaction with custom applications and MQTT server

K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device

K6CM takes the burden of monitoring motors off maintenance engineers. Motors can be maintained in advance of failure due to deterioration. K6CM (comprehensive current diagnosis type) can consistently monitor motor conditions by observing the current waveform of the motor. Additionally, you can understand the motor’s maintenance timing without depending on an engineer, because K6CM provides threshold value setting.

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