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The F3SG-SR/PG series offers a complete range of safety light curtains and multi-beam that covers all applications from machine openings to perimeter and access guarding.

  • Broadest product line-up to increase design flexibility and standardization by:
    – Simplifying product selection and machine design with the same compact profile for either application
    – Providing a wide range of protective heights to completely fit the protected area required

  • Long operating range and stable detection thanks to unique high-power optical design: It enables reliable sensing even in harsh environment and multiple light beam re-direction by mirrors for perimeter guarding applications

  • Environmental resistance and rugged structure including oil resistance (IP67G) in all series and optional high-pressure wash-down models (IP69K)

  • Quick installation: Area Beam Indicator (ABI) facilitates the fine adjustment of beams for long-distance alignment

  • Easy diagnostics: Operating Status indicators help to determine the optimal replacement timing and possible errors

  • Protection without dead space*1 in both sides it detects an operator’s hand anywhere on the safety area even with series-connected or U-shape connected

  • Plug and work for quick replacement thanks to the copy and restore settings function of the intelligent tap that includes easy on-site monitoring via Bluetooth®

  • Remote monitoring and operating data collection to prevent unplanned stoppages through intelligent tap by means of IO-Link communication (Ready for IoT)

*1. Only for hand protection models (Detection capability 25mm dia)


Wide range of protection applications

F3SG-SR – Protection at machine openings

  • Finger protection
  • Hand protection
  • Arm/leg protection
  • Body protection

F3SG-PG – Protection around perimeters of equipment

  • Perimeter access guarding
  • Perimeter guarding long range
  • Perimeter guarding passive mirror

Tightly sealed structure improved environmental resistance

The unique structure firmly presses the optical surface. Stable sealing performance resists penetration of liquid inside the light curtain, which improves environmental resistance of the housing.

High-Power optical system provides stable detection

The sensing capability is reliable even in harsh environments: up to 20 m of operating range for the F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtain and up to 70m for the F3SG-PG Safety Multi-Beam.

Long operating range thanks to unique optical design

The long-distance sensing capability provides protection at machine opening as well as protection around perimeters of equipment.

Area Beam Indicator (ABI) for an at-a-glance check of beam status

The ON or OFF state of the light curtain and low light intensity can be checked. The ABI also facilitates fine adjustment of beams for long-distance alignment.

  • Green safety outputs ON: The beams are unblocked for a stable.
  • Orange safety outputs ON: Adjust beams or check if the light curtain is dirty.
  • Red safety outputs OFF: The beams in the area are blocked.

Easy error diagnosis with clear color indicators

Clear LED indicators with labels help perform predictive maintenance by dirt detection and determine the optimal replacement timing.

Back up and restore settings with Intelligent Tap

Install the Intelligent Tap to automatically copy the settings of the replaced light curtain to a new one. Virtually anyone can easily replace light curtains and immediately restart the machine.

Easy monitoring

  • Remote monitoring: Various devices can be connected via IO-Link.
  • On-site monitoring: The Bluetooth communication unit allows you to monitor information about device stoppages on mobile devices.

Simple wiring for flexible design

The F3SG-PG- C perimeter guarding passive mirror requires wiring of only the emitter/receiver. The use of mirror columns allows wiring at one location for protection around perimeters of equipment. They reduce wiring duct design and wiring time.

Meet Omron’s F3SG – SR Safety Light Curtain

F3SG-SR the best ever light curtain. The F3SG-SR series offers a complete lineup of light curtains that comply with global safety standards and a wide range of functionality that covers all aspects from design through to maintenance.


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