High-coded non-contact door switch

Preventing the deactivation of interlock equipment and minimizing the risk of human error

Reducing the risk of interlock devices being deactivated, for a safe and worry-free production site.

  • Best protection against defeating:

    High-level RFID coding* minimizes tampering risks and human errors

  • Excellent versatility of mounting in different types of guards:

    – Suitable for aluminum profiles as well as glass doors and panels
    – Suitable for removable, rotatable, and sliding guards
    – Compact design and three types of actuators to fit in narrow spaces and corners

  • Reduce installation time by teaching procedure and smart diagnostic:

    – Pairing by teaching procedure is very intuitive and takes only 30 seconds to be done
    – Smart diagnostic by means of tri-color LED’s which includes 11 possible patterns to visualize different status

  • Large actuator tolerance for guard misalignment:

    Long detection range and different actuating directions (front and slim side) to consider guard misalignments

  • Reduce wiring cost by serial connection maintaining highest safety level

    – Series-wiring connection up to 30 sets without reduction of the Performance level (PL e)
    – Pairing of all series-connected switches can be done at once, reducing design and commissioning time

* A high-coded safety switch is defined as one where a sensor is paired with a high-level coded actuator for which more than 1,000 variations are available



  • Preventing from defeating your protection guards

    Amongst the typical methods of deactivating interlock devices includes using a spare actuator and releasing the lock having omitted the correct work procedure. These methods can lead to accidents at a production site. Therefore, we recommend using the correct procedure indicated in the EN ISO 14119 standard to prevent deactivation.

  • The machine is running even if the door is opened

    Possible accident risk

    • Economic loss due to production shutdown
    • Liability for compensation for income lost during shutdown
    • Production plan disrupted by shortage of alternative personnel

    More serious risk of business continuity

    If an industrial accident occurs, the governmentalauthorities may order the company to suspend the work, or suspend or change the use of the machinery.

The D41 series is a high-coded safety door switch D41 series with built-in function which prevents deactivation in the switch itself. Through this you can reduce the risk of deactivation. In the “high-coded” safety door switch, the combination of sensor and actuator is fixed by pairing. This makes it impossible to use a spare actuator.

  • The machine is stopped while the door is opened

    Safe and reliable production sites

    Operators follow correct procedures, which reduces accidents. This will make production environments safe and reliable and reduce management risks.

    Safe and reliable operations

    Compliance with ISO 14119, to which local safety standards in each country conforms, becomes an evidence of safety validation that can be provided to safety control authorities if required.

  • Matches with machine design while providing excellent versatility

    The compact design fits into tight spaces inside machines and does not hinder entry through openings. Three types of actuators fit in narrow spaces and corners inside machines.

  • D41D-A1

    • Installation example: swinging door
    • Fits in narrow spaces and corners
  • D41D-A3

    • Installation example: sliding door, narrow space
    • Most compact for acrylic glass doors


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