Profile Measurement

The ZG2 enables precise shape measurement on challenging materials and surfaces. An easy and intuitive user interface enables efficient installation, setup and operation. A built-in LCD monitor indicates the measurement result in real time.

  • Easy-to-use – intuitive user interface

  • Live – built-in LCD monitor for setup and immediate profile display

  • Versatile – 18 measurement tools

  • Accurate – 5 µm resolution (3 mm / 631 pixels)

  • Wide profiles – up to 70 mm



  • Width - Car body

    The sensor checks the correct width between different parts of the car body.

  • Bottom PCB board

    The sensor checks the warpage of a PCB board to avoid soldering or connection defects.

  • Area glue bead

    The sensor checks the area (shape) of the glue to control the continuous motion of a robot.

  • Position – Sheet

    The sensor checks the wandering of paper over time in order to detect drifts.

  • Angle – Seat

    The sensor checks the differences of seat angles. The controller allows you to calculate various angles via the definition of additional tasks.


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