Proximity Sensor E2E NEXT

Long-distance detection prevents unexpected facility stoppages

  • The world’s longest sensing distance

  • With high-brightness LED, the indicator is visible anywhere from 360°.

  • Only 10 Seconds to Replace a Proximity Sensor with the “e-jig” (Mounting Sleeve).

  • Cables with enhanced oil resistance enabled 2-year oil resistance

  • IP69K compliant for water resistance and wash resistance

  • Comes in a wide variation to make sensor selection easy

  • UL and CSA certification



Allows for more spacious design with less risk of contact

With previous models, to avoid false detections, you were forced to adopt sensor installation designs that risked contact. The E2E NEXT PREMIUM Proximity Sensor can detect accurately from a greater distance, which means you can adopt designs with more space and less risk of contact.

One size smaller than previous models

Size comparisons between models with equivalent sensing distance (“E2E NEXT” refers to quadruple distance models)

Easily upgrade existing facilities to enable 10-second* proximity sensor replacements

The HIGH SPEC Model’s sensing distance is approximately twice that of previous models. For example, the sensing distance of the quadruple distance model of M12 sized is 9 mm, which is about the same as conventional M18 models. Using these sensors together with the e-jig allows you to easily upgrade your existing facilities so that you can replace their sensors in just 10 seconds.*

Enables predictive maintenance through condition monitoring

Connecting sensors with controllers using IO-Link Master enables to send information necessary for stable operation to host devices. This enables condition monitoring and failure detection of sensors, which in turn contribute to predictive maintenance of equipment and facilities. You can also increase the productivity of your facility by accumulating information in databases and feeding analysis results back to equipment on the site.


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