Sysmac Studio

Boost Your Productivity

Sysmac Studio Integrated Development Environment allows you to boost your productivity as is the 1st Industry IDE integrating Logic, Motion, Robotics, HMI, Vision, Sensing, Safety and 3D Simulation in one single platform.

  • NJ/NX Series controllers

  • NA Series HMI

  • NX Series I/O and safety

  • G5 Series servo

  • MX2 Series and RX-series frequency inverter

  • FH and FQM vision system and sensor

  • GX network components

  • E3 N-Smart sensors

  • ZW-series measurement sensors

  • One software for motion, logic sequencing, safety, drives, vision and HMI

  • Fully compliant with open standard IEC 61131-3

  • Supports Ladder, Structured text and In-Line ST programming with a rich instruction set

  • CAM editor for easy programming of complex motion profiles

  • One simulation tool for sequence and motion in a 3D environment

  • Advanced security function with 32 digit security password


Easy to use and Intuirive…Sysmac Studio IDE reduces development and maintenance costs by integrating all the necessary automation disciplines in One single project.

Future oriented software, with Multiuser and Distributed version Control options and unique 3D Simulation of the robotic cell and peripherical devices.

Team Edition

  • Open Source Distributed version control System

    The Team Edition implementation of Sysmac Studio incorporates a distributed version control system within the platform’s rich interface. It allows multiple co-developers to work on same project, with easy project comparison and efficient handling of machine versions. Omron has chosen Git, which is the most popular open source distributed control system, giving development teams the freedom to choose any Git-based cloud web repository.

    The version control system allows engineers to work on a local version of a project with full control over the project source code. Improvements and modifications made to the code on the local version can then be merged with a remote server, so other teams can access the code.


  • Compliance With Open Standards

    Fully compliant with the open standard IEC 61131-3, Sysmac Studio provides a state-of-the-art programming environment based on the ladder diagram, structured text programming languages and on program organization units which include programs, functions, and function blocks. Additionally, motion control instructions that are based on PLCopen standards and an instruction set that follows IEC rules are included. Providing a familiar programming environment virtually eliminates the learning curve for a new software allowing for quick adoption.


  • Easy Operation

    Sysmac Studio places as few restrictions as possible on the design procedures to allow you to start design work from any part of the system. The design concept features easy-to-understand operating procedures with suitable guides that do not interfere with the workflow. This provides user-friendly operation for flexible design work in which even mistakes in settings and procedures can be corrected immediately or left until the project is finalized as long as they will not lead to serious accidents.

3D Simulation

  • Position Control Verification

    “Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation” simplifies operational simulations of manufacturing facilities using OMRON’s flagship automation controller for machines “NJ/NX Series”. By becoming the first in the industry to be able to control and verify robots and other peripheral equipment in a single operation, we innovate the efficiency of facility design and the improvement of facility production capacity.

    Virtual Operational simulation can be performed with high accuracy and real-time. System makes equipment digitally visible and enables preliminary verification of movements before machine it is actually started up, thus the time required to confirm the production capacity of the equipment, start-up, and modification is shortened.


  • Maximum Security

    Advanced functions to protect your investment and secure the machine are standard in Sysmac Studio. Preventing incorrect connections, operation or theft of assets are paramount for both large and small projects. Features such as confirmation of Controller names and serial ID’s, administrator access rights and controller write protections protect your machine while authentication of user program execution and password protection for project files protect your intellectual development property. With 32 digit security passwords, your system is always safe.

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