In-panel controllers with A.I. algorithm

NX-TC is the next generation controllers designed to achieve optimal and automatic temperature control without human intervention. In fact from now on all typical adjustments made in field by expert are now automated using Artificial Intelligence A.I.

  • Adaptive control for self-optimization of control setting due to process changes

  • Specialized function for better sealing application (packaging) and for water-cooled extruders (plastic)

  • Easier integration thanks to ProfiNet, Ethernet-IP and EtherCAT fieldbus support


Minimize scrap by exact control of seal-jaw temperature in horizontal/vertical flow wrappers machines

On a conventional sealing machine temperature sensors can often be located too far away from the sealing surface of the heating bar. This causes a difference between the temperature of the sealing surface and the temperature that was actually being controlled. This temperature difference and resulting sealing failures, increase as the packaging speed increases and also in correlation with thinner packaging materials or changing in ambient temperature.

Thanks to the NX-TC series, this issue is solved with the following approach:

  • bringing sensor closer to the sealing surface – thanks to special temperature sensor models for faster detection
  • adopting special algorithms (automatic filter adjustment function) built-in NX-TC, specifically developed to suppress temperature variations. The result is a better sealing quality of the packages.

See the AI temperature controller in action on the below field-test/proof movie and find out how we can control real-sealing jaw surface temperature with no impact on PID control performance.

Increase production by keeping the temperature steady – even when the packaging machine starts

That’s a common challenge in horizontal/vertical flow wrapper machines. During the operation, the film absorbs heat from the seal-jaw -causing its temperature to drop at each seal.

Prevent this fluctuation by synching the temperature of sealing with machine motion.

Adaptive control algorithm

With standard temperature controllers, not only do you need a long time to define initial start-up PID settings, but it is also really challenging to make the optimal adjustments without having many years of experience in this area. That’s why Omron developed the NX-TC Series with “adaptive control technology”. This automatically detects changes in the process under control and adapts the PID accordingly.

Water cooling output adjustment

On a water-cooled extrusion molding machine, increased speed leads to temperature variations due to various factors such as the materials compounding and cooling water…For human operator that means repeatedly make valve adjustments to stabilize the quality. However It is really difficult to achieve high speed production while also maintaining the quality…

With the NX-TC, the water-cooling output adjustment function suppresses the temperature variations to a minimum and raises the production capacity with the quality maintained

NX-TC Tutorial: basic configuration and wiring check

Watch the following tutorial and learn how to set up and configure Omron’s NX-TC in Sysmac Studio and perform a wiring check.

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