High performance & simplicity

The next generation E5_C temperature controller is setting a new global standard in terms of precision and user-friendly design. Best control performance, easy set-up and outstanding visibility of the white IP66 LCD display have been integrated into a spacesaving housing only 60 mm deep.

  • Fast and precise regulation: 50 ms sampling loop period time

  • Easy to set up, and operate intuitively via CX-Thermo without power supply

  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle

  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operation

  • Practical timer and logic operation functions eliminating the need of a PLC

  • Additional models with different features are available. Please check related product catalogue.


  • LCD display

    High-contrast LCD display for best visibility

    The large high-contrast white LED display featured by the new controllers provides exceptional clarity and can be read from a distance and from almost any angle, irrespective of the ambient lighting conditions. This not only maximises convenience for users, but also virtually eliminates the risk of reading errors.

  • Easy Set-up

    Easy set-up, quick and intuitive operation

    Setting up the controllers is made easy by the incorporation of auto-tuning algorithms, and by Omron’s new intuitive CX-Thermo support software. This enables faster parameter setting and straightforward device adjustment as well as greatly simplifying maintenance. A timesaving shift key is also provided on the controller front panel to allow rapid adjustment of set values, alternatively functions like Auto- Tuning or RUN/STOP could be associated

  • Precise control

    Excellent control performance

    Accurate and responsive control is assured by the fast 50 ms sampling time of the new controllers and by the use of Omron’s 2-PID control algorithm. This powerful and patented algorithm provides enhanced control stability, which guarantees consistent product quality. For less demanding applications, the E5CC/E5EC controllers also support simple on/off control.

  • Useful functions

    Useful added functions and features

    Early verification of Position Control function can display graphs of positions or speeds against time, verifying the action prior to transferring. Movements for up to 4 axis per task can be verified: for all axisone/two axis interpolationpulse output instructions.

Valve controlled furnaces with potentiometer feedback in ceramic industry

  • Reduce Crossover Wiring with Horizontal Connection Structure

    Simply connect the device to enable power line and communication cable, reducing the amount of wiring work required. (Maximum connectable units: 16 devices)

  • Removable socket for easy maintenance

    Wiring takes place on the socket, not on the product itself. That means that the wiring does not need to be removed during maintenance, therefore simplifying mounting and replacement.

The art of panel building (1): easy wiring

Watch the video in which Hank and René, our two electrical control panel specialists, introduce a new patented Push-In Plus technology. You may also fast forward to the parts that really interest you: 1:06 – Easy to insert (easier than an earphone jack!) and secure connection 2:05 – Work with both hands while the Push-In Plus terminal mechanism holds the screwdriver for you (This is really handy! Check it also at 4:17) 3:26 – Front-in and front release wiring 3:49 – The new terminal blocks with Push-In Plus technology 5:31 – Flexible mounting of sockets

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