Plug-in miniature relay 2 and 4 pole

  • MY family has as standard feature on all models* like: transparent cover, mechanical indicator to easily check the contacts status and the LED not only to indicate the correct operation of the relay, but also to immediate identify the coil voltage type: red LED for AC coil and green LED for DC coil

  • Less temperature increase thanks to the 2.6 mm wide pins which offer a higher conductivity

  • Selection is possible to suit the application, such as models with operation indicators and models with latching levers (MY plug-in terminals).

  • Wiring work can be shortened by as much as 60%** compared to conventional screw terminal sockets. Combining the MY with the push-in plus terminal sockets (PYF-[]-PU) the light insertion force permits to reduce the wiring time.

* Special models are excluded

** When both push-in plus terminals and screw terminal sockets are combined with plug-in terminal types


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PYF is the MY relays family sockets range, also suitable for solid state relays (SSR) and timers


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