Industrial Slim I/O Relay 6 mm

Having been designed from first principles, instead of being adapted from a PCB relay, Omron’s G2RV series is the only genuine slim industrial relay on the market. As a result, the G2RV offers a wide array of benefits to machine manufacturers and panel builders. Just 6mm wide, the relay is ideal for compact panels and equipment, yet it offers all of the durability and reliability required for industrial applications.

  • Push-in plus Technology – easy wiring

  • Lockable test switch models available

  • Large plug-in pins – excellent connection

  • LED/mechanical flag – check operation

  • Transparent housing – check condition

  • Slim outline – space saving

  • Special input type with gold plated contacts

  • G3RV compatible


The art of panelbuilding (2): heat dissipation

Watch the 2nd in a series of three videos where Hank and René, our electrical control panel specialists, take a closer look at heat dissipation in your cabinet; how to identify thermal hotspots, which products to use and where to place them in your cabinet. You may also fast forward to the parts that really interest you: 00:23 Temperature control and heat dissipation in a control cabinet 01:40 Identifying thermal hotspots 03:14 Standard height for unobstructed air flow 03:39 Compact design 03:53 Less Heat dissipation 04:08 Power Management System

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